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99 Pine Grove Rd, WalterboroSC 29488, USA

Pine Grove Baptist Church No. 1


On Sunday, March 22, we had our inaugural 'Drive In Church.  Our service was broadcast live via Facebook, and was enjoyed by those who actually drove to the church, parking eight feet apart, lowering their windows and enjoying being together! 

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Looking back: Sunday, March 22

Drive In


March 22,


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Pine Grove Baptist Church No. 1


As you know, our country is in a crisis mode due to the Corona virus that is spreading across our country.  In the meantime, no matter what may come, PINE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH NO. 1 WILL NOT CLOSE!  Over the past ten days, we have been transitioning to a virtual church. This may seen like a new term for many of you as it was for me.  This simply means since we are all in isolation, we will be communicating with each other through non face-to-face ways. 

In conjunction with our financial management team, we will also have on-line giving options that should be available by Friday, April 3.  Take care of your families first, but for those that would like to make a financial contribution, you are certainly welcome!   

Pray for us as we, like schools, churches, and society as a whole, learn how to become more effective as we minister to our Pine Grove Family, and our community as a whole!